What are Herbal Cigarettes Made From?

Herbal cigarettes are made from dried herbs and tinctures, which are concentrated forms of herbs. These tinctures can include herbal blends like Chairman’s Lavender, Chamomile, Sage, Patchouli, or Mimosa.
Like regular cigarettes, smoking herbal cigarettes indicates a desire to smoke nicotine (which is the addictive substance found in tobacco) instead of a chemical related substance.

Such nicotine-slate cigarettes tend to contain anywhere from 1–4 mg of nicotine per puff — much lower than regular cigarettes, which contain anywhere between 5–15 mg of nicotine. Working the puff is also healthier for you compared to traditional cigarettes. It may take 5 puffs on herbs to get the same nicotine hit as you’d get from 10 puffs on a regular cigarette.
There is some research showing that tinctures that contain ground herbs may be lower on the glycemic index compared to blends that contain more artificial ingredients. You can read more about the research here. It’s unsure if this research has been done on herbal cigarettes specifically, or if it applies to all herbal cigarettes. The glycemic index of herbs can vary widely depending on the plant seed or plant material used to make them; however, different herbs have typically been shown to have similar glycemic index values.
Another thing to note: Even herbs with lower glycemic index have been shown to harm when consumed in large quantities. Additionally, toxic side effects of ingesting herbs — brain fog, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. — can be worsened by smoking herbal cigarettes. Inhaling concentrated forms of herbs while zipping on your foot traffic can lead to damaging your respiratory system and greater risks of wrongful arrest if observed by the cops.
How are Herbal Cigarettes Sold?
Many herbal cigarettes are cut with highly addictive taxed or illegal drugs typically imported from overseas. Some are packaged with other drugs like candy and pipes.

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