Rumoquin NF Side Effects

Chemical structure of methocarbamol.

Chemical structure of methocarbamol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rumoquin NF is an imported arthritis drug that is currently making waves today simply because it really works. Many patient testimonials show how Rumoquin NF had provided them with long and immediate relief from arthritis pain. The medicine is so good many users consider taking them every day. Some even claim that if they fail to take Rumoquin NF, the nagging pain in their joints, back, or knees will come back fiercer than before.
However, all good drugs are not without side effects. Rumoquin NF has its own share of side effects, mostly contributed by its active ingredients such as Methocarbamol and Deaxamethasone. Together these ingredients help treat the pain and the swelling almost immediately and quite magically.

The common side effects associated to Rumoquin NF are dizziness, drowsiness, weight gain, and nausea. Dizziness is a very common body response when a new strong substance is introduced to it. And indeed, Rumoquin NF is quite strong. The drug won’t be able to treat arthritis if it isn’t that strong anyway.

Dizziness and drowsiness are two related side effects. And they are caused by the same reasons. When Rumoquin NF is introduced to the body, the system is momentarily disrupted, causing drowsiness. However, this side effect is not very evident on many patients, only on some. With the steroid content of Rumoquin NF, this side effect is quite negligible in its very sense.

Weight gain is more or less the bigger issue when using Rumoquin NF. Since it was a known fact that Rumoquin NF does contain steroids, the body behaves erratically towards appetite and fluid retention because of it. Steroids could very well cause the body to retain more fluid than it needs. Therefore, the possibility of expanding your arms, legs, and belly will always be there. Furthermore, it has been observed that people on Rumoquin NF experiences increased in their appetite levels. As such, try to be more conscious of your meal servings if you’re under the Rumoquin NF therapy. It pays to do more light exercises in order to burn out the extra food that you have taken in.

Nausea as a Rumoquin NF side effect is rather common. But then again, this occurs only on certain individuals. Nausea can also be associated to the stomach issues that patients may experience while on Rumoquin NF. If and when nausea becomes a common problem and doesn’t go away after two or three doses, it’s time to see a doctor about it.

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