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Rumoquin NF is not a well-known type of medicine, but it can be quite helpful for a lot of things. Rumoquin can be used to help acute cases of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and osteoarthritis. Rumoquin relieves pain and inflammation when it comes to acute arthritis and both acute and subacute bursitis, tendinitis, synovitis.

Some of the active ingredients in Rumoquin NF are Diclofenac, Methocarbamol Dexamethasone. While it is still being tested to see how it affects patients long term the immediate results are satisfactory to those suffering from constant pain.

When taking this medicine for arthritis or other rheumatic disorders it is recommended to be taking daily dose of one capsule every eight hours for a period of seven days. The next week the does should be changed and the pill should be taken every twelve hours. For week three the does should reduce back down to one pill every day. Then during the fourth week it is recommended that you should be taking a pill every other day.  Dosage should be reduced gradually. If this is not done than the rapid withdrawal may cause secondary adrenocortical insufficiency.

The ankylosis, made by Senseiwa, with an image...
The ankylosis, made by Senseiwa, with an image of the spine from Gray’s Anatomy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some side effects associated with this drug and overdoses are nausea, severe headache, dizziness, mental confusion and disorientation. When taking this pill it is recommended to be under close supervision of your doctor so they can monitor the does you will have to take. If you have any of the side effects mentioned above then seek emergency care from your doctor. You may react to the medicine differently and it is important for the doctor to know this.

Every patient is different and dose can differ. With higher doses Rumoquin may increase blood pressure and salt and water retention. This pill may or may not be taken by women that are pregnant or will be breast feeding depending on the side effects for the mother and the baby. Rumoquin can come in many forms Herbal topical creams, gels, salves, sprays, powder, balms, and ointments. The ingredients and the results are all pretty much the same.

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2 thoughts on “Rumoquin NF Ingredients

  1. I have been taking Rumoquin N.F for going on 7 years now when it became that Celebrix was not a medication I could afford after Retirement. I travel to Mexico a couple times a year and purchase what I need in 90 day’s worth of medication. Also for blood pressure problems and Diets. Great product and SO GLAD I found it.

    I only wish I could buy it here in the USA, such a hard trip flying, renting a car, walking and walking and the same to return home.

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