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Manufacturer’s claims: What is Inside a Reumofan Plus Tablet?

Reumofan Plus is a tablet or medicine that is proven to be an effective treatment to rheumatism, arthritis, and body pains especially in the knee, back, shoulder, wrist, and elbow. It is also an effective cure for tendonitis, osteoporosis, and neuralgia. This tablet was also said to make one feel an energy level increase. This is a 100% natural medicine with ingredients found in Mexican countries and herbalary like Sweden and Cuba.

Each tablet of Reumofan contains Holm Oak, a plant found in Durango Mexico which has both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and is also believed to have cancer preventive properties; Cancerina or Calluna vulgaris in its botanical name which also has anti-inflammatory contusions, and Shark Cartilage which helps stimulate the immune system, regulates angiogenises, and inhibit growth of tumor. This medicine also has Glucosamine, an amino sugar and well-known precursor in the biochemical amalgamation of glycosylated proteins and lipid. This glucosamine helps aid tissue damages, fights and prevents osteoporosis and is useful against arthritis. The list of Reumofan Plus ingredients also contains Vitamin C, which helps speedy cure for wounds and overall maintenance with the collagen it produces; magnesium that is considered a natural relaxant, and calcium that helps control the cardiac rhythm.
Aside from the seven components mentioned above that this medicine have, it has more to offer. Since this is an herbal product, most of its components come directly from nature. They are processed by a machine to strain the nutrients and then combined into one to have this effective and all-natural pill as a result. Reumofan Plus also has Gausima, a plant found in Cuba which helps avoid hair loss; Eastern Teaberry which is often used against rheumatic pain, muscular pain, arthritis, headaches, neuralgia, and is used as a laxative and diuretic as well. it also has Matarique which a plant originally used by Tarahumaras to treat diabetes, constipation, and production of scar tissues; and White Willow which is also called and considered a natural aspirin. The said pill also contains Curcumin, a plant and a member of the ginger family that is found in India which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and good at fighting arthritis and Vitamin E or tocopherol which is a strong antioxidant.
There have been many good feedbacks this natural herbal medicine has received. It was said to show results in as early as 10 days of continued use. Some also said that because this is a natural medicine there have been less and close to none side effects. The combination of ingredients of this medicine is undeniably awesome as what its users often say. Truly, Reumofan Plus is a great cure to many aching bodies.

Recent findings – Reumofan Plus Side Effects
Imagine not being able to move due to the amount of pain being caused by your joints. Whilst you are taking your prescribed medicine it seems to be waning in terms of the effect it once had on your body. All you can rely on now are standard painkillers that are probably doing untold damage to your liver and stomach. You frantically search the internet and find a product called Reumofan Plus which claims that it can help reduce your pain whilst having next to no side effects. Despite glowing testimonials you remain fairly dubious about the whole thing, this is what has led you to this article, or perhaps you are already experiencing Reumofan Plus Side effects. It doesn’t matter what your reason for being here this article is going to discuss some of the most widely known side effects from this pill, things that the manufacturer never even tells you about.

Reumofan Plus claims that it is made from all natural ingredients and therefore these are the first ones I shall discuss. The first ingredient I shall bring to your attention is ‘Shark Cartilage’ which is known to cause bad breath as well as nausea. If you ever feel sick after taking Reumofan Plus then it is down to this ingredient. There is also an ingredient inside the pill which makes it unsuitable for those that are allergic to shellfish.
Many people have noticed a stark increase in their weight once they take these pills. The cause is as of yet undetermined. It could be down to the psychological effect of being in less pain and therefore eating more or be caused by an ingredient within the pill.
One ingredient that has come to light recently is a steroid called ‘Cortisone’. Lab reports indicate that this is not in every batch of Reumofan Plus sold, so it does seem to depend on the manufacturer of the pills. What is known however that if you take steroids there are a whole array of side effects that you may experience.

Many people have claimed that after taking Reumofan Plus they have experienced ‘restless nights’ as well as hair growing back thicker. These are probably some of the mildest side effects of steroid use and if this is all you encounter you are very lucky.

Whilst the manufacturers claim that Reumofan Plus is non-addictive if it includes ‘Cortisone’ it makes it much more difficult to quit. This is because your body relies on the ‘Cortisone’ to function, and if this is suddenly snatched away the body begins to crash. You need to wean yourself off this slowly. This can be particularly problematic as it seems not all reumofan plus contains this steroid, and therefore you will always run the risk of crashing.

It has been shown that these supplements can help us in the short term; however it should be the long term effects that we should be looking at and deciding whether the Reumofan Plus Side effects are worth all the nausea, sickness and addiction to the pills.

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    1. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and would like to purchase this product from a reliable source. I would appreciate a location and name of this supplier so I can purchase this product. My son was given 3 pills by a co-worker and after trying it only once, he says he no longer has pain in his back. The gentleman that gave him these blue said that he got them from his friend. They were a blue pill! I hope you can assist me!

      Thank You
      Anthony Messina

      P.S. I do not speak Spanish

  1. i have read several things on reumofan, is there 2 different kinds,one with sterio,and one not!!!!!i have got some from main company and ebay they look the same in package,very allergic to cortozome or steriio
    please let me know,

  2. Before you buy, read this. Had a friend get very sick with this product and there is an FDA warning. The reason the pain goes away so fast is that there are NSAIDS and other piankillers in the product! http://www

  3. just remember, this is what they say about the drug: FDA has received multiple reports of adverse events associated with the use of Reumofan Plus, including liver injury, sudden worsening of glucose (sugar) control, weight gain, swelling, leg cramps, and adrenal suppression (problems with kidney functioning).

    1. Sam, if you have no experience with it, just shut up. We know what FDA does and we know how to do internet search too, but don’t need FDA scary-cats warning us “JUST REMEMBER WHAT FDA SAY”. FDA had drugs approved and recalled after 27000 deaths. There is not one reported from Reumofan. Just some side-effects which may be due to other medication people mixed with Reumofan.
      No lab results including FDA list the amount of other ingredients found – which tells me that they are some negligible residue.
      Keep in mind that these chemicals are not prohibited by FDA. They are part of many other approved medication. The only problem FDA has with Reumofan is that some components are NOT LISTED.

  4. i took this product for 7 years and never had any side effects i even gave it to my dog that couldnt even walk, after 1 pill he was chasing the squirrels in the backyard , so this stuff works

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