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Reumofan Plus is a health supplement which has been around since the turn of the century. It is known to help combat joint pain without any of the nasty side effects that you get with normal medication. As more and more stories surface around the internet it is clear that there are many Reumofan Plus Side Effects, many of them in fact being incredibly dangerous. This article is just a short extract of some of the problems people have been encountering whilst trying to combat their arthritis.

Reumofan Plus Manufacturers claim that this is an all natural supplement, so it makes sense to discuss the natural ingredients first. The first ingredient is an extract from shell fish, which can of course cause havoc for those that are affected by an allergy to shell fish. The second ingredient is ‘Shark Cartilage’ which can cause intense nausea upon ingestion, of course however you could always counter this by eating at the same time, although you will still have to put up with the halitosis that this ingredient causes.

It has recently been discovered that the makers of Reumofan Plus may actually be lying. It has been found that many of the pills contain three ingredients which are members of the Cortisone family of steroids; Hidrocortisona, Prednisolona, and Dexametasona. Whilst these ingredients may provide you with pain relief many doctors don’t prescribe these type of steroids as they have many side effects, they certainly will never prescribe them for the same amount of time that you will be taking reumofan Plus for, which is often a period of many months.

The taking of steroids will literally start ruining your body over time. Your kidneys will become damaged and there will be a drop in your blood pressure. You will also notice that any wounds you obtain will take much longer to heal. You will also notice increased thick hair growth as well as weight gain and have many more sleepless nights.

If you are already taking Reumofan Plus and experiencing the above side effects the I suggest you stop taking it. Although not immediately. If you take yourself off steroids too quickly you will have withdrawal symptoms, this is because your body has become use to the steroids in your system and is therefore relying on them. Many people that take themselves off steroids cold turkey will notice increase swelling in their joints as well as considerable pain. On top of this many of the older takers of steroids could find their body shuts down. Consult with your GP before starting to wean yourself off this drug.

I suggest sticking with your standard pharmaceutical products, these will have been extensively tested every step of the way unlike Reumofan Plus. Whilst you may experience a few minor side effect it will have been something that your doctor would have recommend you take, so unlike Reumofan Plus it will be safe for as long as the doctor suggests. If you take a look above it seems to be a random lottery dictating whether you encounter Reumofan Plus side effects or not.

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  1. I take Reumofan Plus and also think it;s a miracle, but you should consider having someone proofread your paragraph. When I read something that is not worded correctly, I automatically suspect it is not a valid report. I know this works, because I tried it, but if I was reading this paragraph for the first time, I would not believe it because it is poorly written. Please correct it and re-post it. I would hate to have a good product like Reumofan Plus lose some of its credibility only because of poor dialogue.
    Thank you.

      1. Do you really trust the pharmaceutical world and Goverment? If there is a cure for Cancer you think they would let it happen, hell no. It’s all about big money and this product is no different it works and it’s cheap, what they want is you go to the Doc and the to the drug store spend a lot of money on something that probably has more side effects than this product, but it’s FDA approved, which as we all know are bought off but large companys, come on people wake up.

  2. I am a therapist and personal trainer,i have recommended reumofan to some of my clients and those clients who have no contraindications i.e., no broken bones or torn muscles or ligaments have benefitted by reducing pain in their joints ,so far knee, back and shoulder pain has diminished or completly abated . futhermore some clients have returned to normal everyday activities in a pain free environment.

  3. Yes, this stuff works! I tried prescription meds for bad knee pain. After less than a week on Reumofan – pain gone! If I stop taking Reumofan for a week – the pain slowly starts to come back. By the way, I’m physically active and am a long-time student of the martial arts. This stuff really works!

  4. What is in this drug, I have clotting blood and I take Warfrin
    as A blood thinner. Would it be alright to take reumofan or not with my condition.

    1. Please do not take warfarin any longer! They don’t seem to be able to regulate the amount that you should take, thus causing you to bleed internally.. Instead i suggest taking vit e with is a natural blood thinner..1 capsule a day.

  5. At first my arthritic conditions were immediately relieved. However, just three days into taking the pill I began to experience irratibility, exhaustion, sleeplessness and a ravenous appetite. I will not continue taking the product

  6. Reumfan plus is awesome, have not been pain free for years, until I started taking this. I get a good nites sleep, pain free, I wake up in the morning pain free, I would definitely recommend it .
    What drug doesn’t have side effects? Every time we are prescribed medication from the dr, we get a pamphlet with the medication, describing all the side effects, that could be caused from taking the medication!
    I am willing to take the risk, at least I have a pain free life, which I didn’t before!
    Thank you Vicki

  7. My wife and mother have both experienced leg cramps and my mothers beau fainted.personallythis stuff makes me high and elevatrs myart rate. I think is a drug which has syer

  8. “It has been recently discovered that the makers of Reumofan MAY actually be lying”? MAY???? Are they lying are aren’t they? What proof do you have? Lets here some real proof and not this pussy footing around with MIGHT, MAY, COULD. If you have proof then show it. If not, it is very irresponsible to put out conjecture. It MAY contain it or it MAY not contain it. I have seen no actual proof whatsoever from the nay sayers that Reumofan Plus is not what it says it is.

    I have taken this product since Dec/11 and I HAVE had my cortisol levels checked. My levels are slightly lower than normal. If this product contained cortisone, wouldn’t it show higher levels? Maybe even off the chart levels??? Instead that is NOT the case. Not with me anyway. Has anyone else had their cortisol levels checked? I also had my ACTH levels checked and they are normal. I’ve suffered for 26 years with all over pain from Fibromyalgia and this product is working for me.

    Maybe you should be standing at the cruise ports in line with the Viagara and Cialis buyers (a very long line indeed) and telling them how terrible that product is and how it MAY contain things that are bad for them and when you get some real proof about this product, you can then come back and tell us it is full of steroids and you can prove it and get off of it. Until then, please stop these rumours. People with real pain and suffering are getting help from this. By all means, we want to know if there are steriods in this product but we do not want someone who is guessing.


    1. Sue you coulden’t had said it better, it works and there has not been any proof, it work for me and is nice to live with out pain.

  9. My husband has suffered with arthritic pain for many years and has been on sheer coincidence I was made aware of this product and ordered it for my 82 yr.old friend who has had constant knee/joint pain and for my husband….within 36 hours (3 pills) the pain was miraculously GONE!..we have ordered refills and have experienced no adverse side effects..truly amazing.

  10. I have also experienced immediate relief after years of injections from two back surgeries. I feel like a new person – truly unbelievable. I have mentioned it to both my internist and arthritis doctor and they have never heard of it. They are very skeptical so no decision has been made whether I can continue with it. I have considered taking a pill to a compound pharmacy to see if they can tell me exactly what is in the pill. If I should have a noticable weight gain, I will stop taking it because I’m not about to struggle with a weight issue as I’m very weight conscious. I do now have a ravenous appetite and have found my sleeping habits altered. I used to require atleast 8 hours of sleep a night and now I think I could be up and running after only 4 hours. I haven’t decided how concerned I am about all this. How great it is to have so much energy and generally a greater outlook on life. I guess it is like being on a high all the time. What are the trade offs? I know people who have found the pill to be life altering.

  11. I started taking Reumofan Plus about a month ago. I chronic wheezing and nasal congestion also back pain from an old injury, all of which are gone.

  12. I have been taking Reumofan Plus for 3 weeks now. I feel absolutely incredible. We see on some websites people stating that there has to be steroids or cortizone in this product. Really people! My right leg was broken in 10 places. I have had a complete knee replacement and now my ankle is rubbing bone on bone and the arthritis is unbelievable. My orthoepedic surgeon has put me on the waiting list for a complete ankle replacement as the pain and swelling was unbearable. My doctors were giving me cortizone shots in my ankle every 4-6 weeks to try and diminish the pain. It didn’t work. I have been on oxycodone, ketorolac tromethamine, morphine, tylenol 3 with codeine to just name a few. None of these drugs worked. What do you think these drugs to your body?
    Now that I am taking Reumofan plus I am completely pain free. I have energy and am walking a mile a day. I am able to go bike riding with my kids and the whole nine yards. Is it a miracle, I believe it is. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. This produce is amazing. I have had absolutely no side effects whatsoever. It is a judgement call for each individual as to whether they want to try it or not. If you are skeptical fine, but don’t bash the product. I truly believe it is all the natural ingredients that have stopped my pain and suffering until someone can prove elsewise I will continue to live a pain free life. By the way…..I have postponed my ankle replacement.

  13. I think it’s incredibly irresponsible to claim that there are steroids in Reumofan without providing any evidence of this. If it’s true, of course, it would be a valuable thing to know. But what are you basing that assertion on, other than it’s effectiveness? If you have evidence, please let us know. I’ve been taking Reumofan for a few months now and it’s the only thing that gives me relief from joint and muscle pain due to mycoplasma infection. I’m also taking other herbs and supplements to address this long-term, but in the meantime, Reumofan has been a blessing.

  14. I have been suffering for 8 months from planter faciatis (heel pain )in both feet limiting my time working on my feet two about 4 hrs a day.After taking these pills for a couple of days the pain has completly gone away .I can walk all day long now .Im back to my old self now doing the things i used to do without the pain .This stuff really works

    1. Saul…if you just pull back on your toes with the heel of your other foot, and then switch…and continue doing this anytime you are sitting down, your heel pain will go away completely!!! I had severe pain upon waking up in the morning..could barely walk with the excruciating pain…went to a foot doctor who recommended special insoles in my shoes, which is totally ridiculous!!! They are robbing people blind by selling those things! Just do the exercise I have mentioned above and you will soon be painfree. It will work, and I will no charge you one penny!

      1. Hi,
        Not trying to bust your chops or anything but anyone with plantar fasciitis NEEDS the insoles. I am a paramedic/RN and have had it so bad I went through the surgery to fix it but it didn’t fix it. The problem is caused by three things; walking up inclines, added weight (pregnancy) and walking on hard surfaces…these will give you/make worse the inflamation (fasciitis) of the facia in your foot (plantar). Also, if the insoles don’t work you can try taping your feet, (the thing that finally worked for me/with the insoles)you try to tape the arch in place by three up strokes on the bottom and two heal to ball of foot. It worked for me but still after twenty years if I do anything without the insoles the fasciitis comes back.

  15. Check out the warning from the FDA. my husband has been on Ruemofan for three months without side affects but this report is very real. he will start to get off the medication slowly

  16. Does the Reumofan Plus cause any harm with the warfin drug or remicade IV (which is done every 6 weeks)

  17. Well I want to add something here! I’ve been taking this stuff, have had a lot of back pain and it has helped it tremendously but the side effects I’ve acquired as a result of taking this has made my life more miserable than the pain itself was.. I’m going to seek alternative Natural remedies. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping at night as well as increased heart rate and feeling nauseaus & Feeling faintish. Just hope I can find something that will help the pain without getting bad side effects. If anybody has any facts about this medication please post them. Thanks!

  18. Several of my friends and family have been on Reumofan for months with incredibly good results. It has changed the quality of their lives. The problem is not in taking Reumofan, it is in trying to get off of it. Extreme pain comes back in original pain areas and additional extreme pain comes back in previously unaffected areas. And additional side effects start when trying to stop Reumofan. It is no longer for sale on ebay or several other Reumofan websites. Vendors are running scared. If you stop this medication, do it with professional advice, and slowly. And read the recall on the FDA website and about the Mexican facility producing Reumofan. They do not have to be truthful on their labels, they are not regulated by the FDA. At first we thought the FDA and/or American pharmaceuticals were upset about not making money off Reumofan, thus all the negative press. But then we saw results amoung our own family and friends after just a couple days of quitting. If you are still skeptical, take your purple pill and look under laboratories in the yellow pages and get it analyzed. You owe it to your life and longevity. Good luck.

  19. I heard rave reviews about this product and didn’t hesitate to order some. I have arthritis in both knees and weeks of Meloxicam from my Dr. provided no results. I figured i’d have to quit my part time job and watching my Grandchildren because of the pain. ONE Reumofan left me pain free for a day so i only take it when i absolutely have to.I have gained weight, have a hard time sleeping and feel dizzy from time to time. I hate to have to make a decision as to taking or not taking Ruemofan because being pain free is amazing but is it worth it long term. I’m not sure anyone really knows at this point.

  20. I was taking Reumofan plus for about 5 weeks. It was amazing how well it works. I have knee pain, hip replacement. I love to work out. On the third morning of Reumofan I was pain free, lots of energy using stairs instead of the elevator. After hearing about the possible steroids in them I decided to quite. I just stop, no side effects at all. But my knee pain is back. Maybe I had some weight gain, but it is manageable. I am going to start taking them again, my quality of life was better. If they can tell me for sure not could be, maybe or possible those drugs are in them, I am going to continue to take Reumofan

  21. To those who are taken or considering taken Reumofan Plus

    I’ve taken Reumofan Plus for 5 months for tendonitis (knee & elbow), and general arthritis. Worked so good it was crazy to be pain free and be able to complete training with out hurting, ever. Plus an overall good feeling of well being. I became a Reumofan Plus succes story, told anybody who would listen…

    Now, I have had several side effects including abdominal & leg cramps, insomnia, urination problems, list continues. Crazy was when I ran out of the Reumofan Plus and was waiting a few days for them to show up I would have crazy pain in all the areas were the pain was before and others, I mean 10 on 10 scale pain!!! Never really put it together, until… I went to Dr. for my yearly, I’m forty, wholly crap! My blood work looked pretty bad, elevated liver, kidney, hemoglobin, sodium and TSH (thyriod). Dr. sent me for follow up labs, for the TSH my T4 is very low 1.4 and my thyriod function 10.6 (very high)normal high is 4.0-4.5. My Dr. was baffeled do to my diet and exercise being very consistant and no signs in prevous visits or lab test. Never told Dr. about the Reumofan Plus thought just an herb,so didnt worry about telling her, she put me on some perscription meds one for life for hypothyriodism. Got home told wifey who is a nurse she says WHAT! Lets look at those test results, she knows my diet and my workout regimine and said no way thats not your blood work (been verfied by second round of test, its mine, wish it wasn’t!). So we start looking at my supplements, multi-vitamins isopure protein, fish oil, Ester-C and the Reumafan Plus, only one not verfied. Looked it up on-line ran into the FDA warning (recall), that everybody seems to want to ingnore! This is very serious and can be life threating if not caught in time, for older folks, forget about it, its bad. I’m not sure what the deal is the company manufacturing saying its all natural, this would be the number one selling herbal on earth, it works just as stated until you have come off it, not kidding your taking stop now and see how you feel in a few days, even tho this is not what you should do it may stop all the hype around this and people, smart people still wanting to take this after its been recalled and suspected for sometime to be not what it says. You feel that pain and you will wish you’ve never heard of this product, thanks for your time and hope this helped somebody looking for a reason not to take it or to get of it. If you dont believe that this can happen to you look up the drugs that are called out in the FDA Recall and you will for sure see a few of your own.

    PS Dr. I have to wean of this HERB!

  22. I am thinking the bad drugs are from manufactures other than Niger Laboratories.I have a business and selling this product to my customers who are experiencing pain. We all love it!!!One man had a diabetic sore on his leg for 15 years and within 3 days he was seeing a change in the tissue, a week later it was beginning to heal together. My husband likes to rope, but had pain in his shoulders so bad he couldn’t swing a rope anymore for competition, after taking ReuofanPlus he has been able to do everyday funtions and still feel like roping in the eveening!
    I have taken it fsince the first week of March and had no side effects, I sleep better than I have in years and wake up ready for the day. We both have reached the three month mark so are taking 1/2 a pill every morning to maintain the painfree effect.I have seen so many websites with discounted prices and deals but I only buy from the Niger Laboratries, makes me wonder when there is something as good as this if it has been counterfeited????

  23. ive been taking ruemofan plus 2 to 3 pills daily with 350 mg of first it was fantastic,i have bone on bone contact in my hip.i can still get around getting hip replacement around dec.2012. i read about some people taking berry supplements with tramadol,and it helped them.i tryied some berry drinks, this was a bad idea for made my pain come i stopped the about a week later, the pain comes and goes while on the pills.i was wondering if anyone experienced this kind of prob.or if anybody has any advise…….thanks. and may jesus just let us see! how easy it would be for us to just accept our healing…amen

  24. My hubby and I were taking Reumofan under another name. it was absolutely amazing. No back pain, no knee pain, the stiffness was gone! then the company ran out of product and we found out it was because there was a recall and FDA warning and that it had been relabeled under another name.
    Here is the issue I have with all of this. No one has shown what the Mexican lab results actually were. we have no idea how much of any of the ingredients were in what size lots.

    My point is, the product works to stop pain that our regular pain killers and meds won’t so why can’t we figure out what is actually in it, and go from there? Surely some Dr or chemist can figure out what the heck it is.

    As far as methocarbamol ( sp) the drug name is Robaxin. I have just come from an urgent care clinic for severe pain, that by the way the reumofan made go away and he prescribed me 2 750mgs 4 times a day of Robaxin. You can do the math on that I am sure. That would be 6000 mgs a day of this muscle relaxer which I am quite sure is much more than is in the Reumofan. Another ingredient is Voltarin, and I was on it 3 times a day for several years. It didn’t kill me and I know Reumofan does not have that amount in it either.

    Two of the independent tests, that have been posted on the internet and both state NO steroids. So somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

    For those of us that are in daily debilitating pain, we need to know what is in Reumofan, in what amounts and what the side effects are of whatever is in it. Every drug the Dr prescribes has side effects to them and they are managed.

    Instead of everyone either panicking or being complacent, how can we get the information we need to make informed decisions?

    1. Was the other pill you took named GONE or WOW?I am almost through with the third jar and am experiencing sleeplessness and severe leg cramps. After the first jar of GONE I ordered more but could not get it any more. It was replaced with WOW (another, same? purple pill)??? It has given me tremendous spain relief otherwise. I am able to hike and am very flexible again (age 69 with two hip surgeries and a bad back). However, I would like to know if the drugs that have been mentioned are in the pill, and if they are responsible for the mentioned symptoms.

  25. After taking the purple pill for about eight months my neck started swelling, I gained over 25 pounds and my waist increased by 4 inches. I was short of breath after going up one flight of steps and I would have leg cramps at night after no extra leg exertion that day. I went to a cardiologist and they could not identify a reason for my shortness of breath. I also went to and endocrinologist, they identified I had pre-diabetes and started treating me for it (no prior problems). I was at home four months later and all the sudden my feet and ankles started swelling. My mom suggested it may be a reaction to the purple pill because she had had a similar reaction to Tylenol after a period of time. I went on line and saw the first FDA warning. I quit taking the purple pill cold turkey and went through withdrawals, not knowing until the second FDA warning you shouldn’t do that. I started having nausea two weeks later every day and this has been going on for five weeks. I’ve been seeing a gastrologist and test have indicated high liver enzyme levels. I have an appointment next week and will show them the second FDA warning. My wife and I had been discussing how much better my quality of life was taking the purple pill over Celebrex (I have arthritis in back and hips and bone spurs in my feet). That is when I went on line and found the second FDA warning and my symptoms lined up with almost everyone of the side effects. Needless to say I’m not taking any more of the purple pill. After being off of the pill for two months my neck has gone down, I can almost wear my original pants, but I still have swelling in my feet and have to wear support stockings.

    1. OK
      I have to weigh in again.
      Steroids are proscribed normally in ‘dose packs’ you start on a high dose and then you are weaned off of them normally in 5 days however, there are persons who take steroids on a daily basis and they are the ones you see with ‘weight gain’ (fatter faces and such). The weight gain is not weight it is water. The steroids change the way your body’s metabolism works and the fat storage. If you get off them your body will return to normal. Yes, steroids pose a signifigant risk to persons who must take them but if monitored properly..they do just fine. So, if you take this on a regular basis I say, keep checking your bloodwork as if you were on prescription pain medicine and go from there. If you ever need to get off ALWAYS taper down just as if you were detoxing from prescription pain meds. If they work for you, my advice is to take them for a few months then let your body off of them for a month, then repete! No matter if the pain comes back for the month, it would be better than killing your kidneys/liver!

      Hope this helps all those looking for answers.
      BTW I was on 175mcg/hr fentanyl + 120mg MSIR/day +60mg valium and had to get off because of an evil wife using it against me and the med worked for me but I won’t take it on a consitant basis.

  26. I can,t live without reumofan plus!!!!
    Ibuprofen and Alive did damage my liver!

    Please,don,t take this product away from me and my niece with double disc hernia,she lives back to Romania,I do provide for her this suppliment.It,s working well,

    1. OK,

      Last time.
      Aleve and Ibupreofen are the same thing, NSAI (non steroidal anti-inflamitories) and they do not destroy your liver they destroy your stomach, Tylenol destroys your liver! I have seen teenage girls who tried to ‘kiil’ themselves with tylenol actually succeed because it will kill your liver faster than alcohol will or anything else. You can take up to 1000mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours but I wouldn’t keep this dose up, normally 6-800 is best…then you won’t have stomach problems. If you have stomach issues and must take NSAI’s take the COATED kind even if you pay more for them, then you save the issues of your stomach. And NEVER, NEVER drink with Tylenol (APAP), it will kill your liver!!!

  27. I take many doctor prescribed medications, I do not read the numerous potential side effects listed on the required insert that comes with these drugs. When I have started taking a new drug I prefer to wait & see if I have any ill reactions if I do then I can read the insert-dwelling on the positive always makes more sense to me. I’ve taken a self-injected drug every other day for at least 10 years it could cause liver problems so I have a blood test every 3 months and I’ve never had a problem. I hear of many many drugs that negatively effect the liver so people have regular blood tests. I know many many people & these people know many more people who have been taking Reumofan Plus for 1 plus years. In all this time I’ve heard of 1 person who had a bad reaction this person had taken them before without any problem he’d gotten his new bottle from a different source so he threw out this bottle obtained a new bottle from his old source and he felt fine. The pain relief my friends have experienced by taking this purple pill well its been like a miracle. Example(& I have many more) a friend he’s a retired engineer probably in his later 70’s, he paints the most beautiful paintings you can imagine. I ran in to him 1 day & he told me he has so much pain in his hands he doesn’t think he’ll ever paint again. I gave him 3 days worth of the purple pills when I saw him again he said “I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank you”-that was about a year ago, he’s been painting ever since & he’s still taking the purple pills. Like most people I know he stopped taking the pills just as a test to see what would happen, the pain came back within days as soon as he started again the pain was gone. There is always the possibility of negative side effects or an allergic reaction to medications, vitamins, minerals, food, milk, vegetables, strawberries, oranges too many to mention. I have Mutiple Sclerosis I will try anything that has the possibility of making/helping me feel better. I took the purple pills 4 one week & saw no idifference in how I felt so I stopped but I keep thinking soon I’ll try them again just in case. All of a sudden for the last 2 weeks I’ve had horrible pain in one knee & I’m limping last night I decided to take 1 purple pill & TODAY no more limp THE PAIN Is almost gone. I’m going to wait and see if the bad pain returns before I take another purple pill. I hate taking pills but I need to if I want to live any sort of normal life. I find the FDA report confusing since all the purple pill problems they note are almost all the things that the purple pill has helped in my friends. One friend gave the purple pills to his Arthritis doctor so his doctor could send a sample to the FDA, when my friend went back to his doctor the doctor told him the FDA wouldn’t even discuss the issue so the doctor told my friend to keep taking the purple pills along with his prescribed pills as the purple pill seems to work better. I dread the need to tell my artist friend about the FDA report. Another friend stopped taking the purple pill once he heard of the FDA report, he has Arthritis, now he’s back to being in miserable pain and questioning the FDA report. By the way I do have a couple friends who all though they are in severe pain they won’t try the purple pill because it’s not FDA approved. Well I could go on & on but I’d just be repeating myself.

  28. I am a nurse and have been injured twice and had two back surgeries. Both knees also have menisci tearing and the left knee has been scoped 3x. I started taking Reumofan Plus around January. I felt that my quality of life had returned, as I was pain-free and had fewer asthma symptoms. Since then, I have gained 25 pounds, had bleeding/bruising, tiredness, and some personality/mood changes.

    The person who recommended the Reumofan Plus had “leg swelling” that he did not report to his doctor, but believed it was from the Reumofan Plus and went off of the supplement. It sounds like the leg swelling was caused by internal bleeding, but left unchecked, it ended up turning into a blood clot and cut off his circulation and he ended up having to have his leg amputated.

    After I noticed the bleeding/bruising, I went off of my baby aspirin and cut the Reumofan dose to every other day and my bleeding and bruising decreased. Baby aspirin, NSAIDS, vitamin E and fish/krill oil all could increase bleeding with this medication so be wary of bleeding, internal and external, while taking these supplements and make sure you inform your MD that you are taking it–MDs are our health partners and should know what we take. Internal bleeding will sometimes manifest as pain or pressure, but those are late signs. Bleeding/bruising can cause your red blood cell count(which carry oxygen to the tissues) to be low, causing tiredness or lethargy.

    Over the last few weeks, my back has been “out” and I have been taking more Reumofan Plus, ibuprofen and pain pills. I also use a topical balm and alternate ice and heat. Now, I am suffering from left leg pain that has caused me to fall when first getting up or going downstairs. I will see my chiropractor on Monday, but wanted to warn you, that if you choose to continue Reumofan Plus, as I have, to be aware of what your body is telling you.

  29. The issue with this medication and its manufacturer is simply that they are not truthful in telling the public the true content of the product. This is not a natural healthy non toxic remedy. This is a very potent combination of several strong anti-inflammatory medications; diclofenac, dexamethasone. It also has a muscle relaxant in addition to the labeled cartilage and herbal supplement. This is very effective but potentially lethal, as are all other strong anti-inflammatory medications. It is very difficult to stop steroid medications, just ask any rheumatoid patient, but it is the wrong treatment for the usual osteoarthritic disease or muscle strain problems. If you are happy taking it, like my father, then be aware of what you are using. Cataracts, osteoporosis, aseptic necrosis of the hip, bleeding ulcers, worsening of hypertension, hepatitis are a few of the many potential side effects. All medicines are dangerous and should be used with caution and knowledge. Good luck to you all.

  30. Take it for only 4 to 5 days and then only when you feel pain after words, this is the correct way, if you have such severe pain then guess it was probably from a life of doing alot of things wrong with your body if you have bad side effects then don’t take it, unfortunately some we inherit and it may be a way of life for us to live with the pain and God Bless those that suffer.Your judgement call, good luck and listen to your body if it doesn’t like it get off it and find something that does help. In a perfect world this would be wonderful if it does work and for some it does, but others it will not simply because there body rejects it, be smart enough to know the difference. God Bless.

  31. My wife has been taking Reumofan Plus for the last year. In January, she noticed abnormal swelling in her knees, ankles, wrists and hands along with a decreased urinary output, lowered blood pressure while seated or reclining (Normal BP is 120/70; we observed a consistently low BP of 55 to 70/40 with multiple cuffs over multiple days) and mental confusion. We presented to her family practice doctor on 6 Feb., and he sent her to the adjacent hospital emergency room as a direct admission.

    By this time, her urinary output had been less than 30ml/day for the past 3 days. On admission to the hospital, her blood labwork confirmed she was in renal failure and showed a seriously low level of cortical hormones from her adrenal glands (which are located atop the kidneys). Her other values were generally within a normal range. She had a urinary catheter placed after admission to the room, which produced no urine for the first 24 hours. When it did begin, it was positive for proteins and cells, indicative of muscle damage. She was rehydrated with 8 liters of IV fluid over 3 days, and on the fourth day the catheter was removed and the IV hydration discontinued. She was discharged to home on the fifth day and will follow up with her attending nephrologist next week, and was prescribed 100mg of hydrocortizone twice daily for one week, then 50mg of hydrocortizone twice daily to restart her adrenals.

    She’d been informed of the FDA notice in early January of this year and had started reducing the amount of Reumofan Plus she took for the first half of the month; inside of a week she had begun seeing what are now apparent as the side effects as warned in the notice and subsequent notes.

    Personally, we believe that while Reumofan Plus can, and does, give some people a remarkable amount of relief from joint pain the issues from taking it far outweigh any benefit received.

  32. At age 58,I really could care less if Reumofan plus has steroids or does not.All I know, is this purple pill works for me.Given the choice of being able to walk and function with no knee pain after taking one pill,or suffering with the pain and not able to walk at all. Well what do you think I’m going to do.I take one pill when I absolutely am in pain.Within an hour I am pain free. I love this stuff.I have never experienced any adverse side affects,but then again I’m taking maybe one pill a month if that. a bottle of 30 pills last over a year, and I even give some away. At $15.00 a bottle ,I would gladly pay much more .Reumofan plus works for me, Honest!

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