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Well pain can be of any form starting it from physical to mental. But if one is much bothered about his or her physical pain then is the right that he or she has opted. Reumofan plus can be best described as the miracle of the decade. The most genuine product a customer can expect from a manufacturing company. Yes! It is true that it the most genuine pain killer of the decade. And if it continue to hold the market as it is holding presently, the even an illiterate would also find it much easier to speak the future that it would be the top brand in the field of pain killing medicines.

Reumofan plus is a pain killer medicine that has been promising throughout in killing pain. The fact that separates it from other pain killers in the market is that is a completely an herbal product. Its ingredients are mostly obtained from the Mexican herbs present in India and Cuba. Some of its ingredients are:


Now it is hopefully completely transparent about the fact that it is completely herbal and obviously it won’t be having any side effects. Reumofan plus is mainly popular for curing pains caused due to ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATIC PAIN, KNEE, SHOULDER, GOUT OR MUSCULAR PAINS, DUE TO SPORTS ACTIVITY OR SLIPPED DISC. Reumofan plus is advised to take 1 tablet at every 12 hours interval, when the patient is feeling severe pain. But as he or she starts feeling better, the doses can be lowered to 1 tablet per day which is to be continued for a week or a month. Frankly speaking it is a not a commercial product that looks good in advertisement only but not in practical application. It is a genuine product that would keep you energized all through out the day and would obviously keep the pain at least miles away from one.


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  1. I have RA and have been taking Reumofan Plus for about a month and am Pain free since the first week I started taking it !I take it everyday

    1. Hi, please visit my website where you can purchase it. Once paid I ship imediately and provide you with a delivery confirmation number. Thank you very much.
      Martha Alicia.
      Moms little nest.

  2. You should see htp:// This product is not safe.

  3. This product is an amazing counterfeit! You’ll feel great, but then wait for the side effects to appear, according to many who have taken it. I have been taking it, and admit that it’s incredible, and it’s also too good to be true. Read what the FDA has to say about it. It contains 3 drugs that are powerful. Mexican compliance standards are poor, and the label ingredients are not true. The real scam is that I have seen this same pill with different labels i.e. “WOW,” so any pill that has the same shape and lilac color as Reumofan is probably the same product, so watch out. We are trading short term benefit, for our long term health by taking or promoting this product, and the only long term winner will be Riger Naturals.

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