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Origin and Uses that is Behind the Guasima Herb

Guasima Herb, or commonly known as Mutamba is under the Family of Sterculiaceae, Genus Guazuma, and Specie ulmifolia. Aside from Mutamba and Guasima, this herb may also be called embira, mutambo, Wet Indian elm, embiru, guazima, guacimo, guacima de caballo, ajya, bolaina, and aquiche. There are many parts of this herb than can be used, such as the bark, root, and leaves.

Basically, the term Gausima or Gaucima originated in Mexico. It is in that said country where this herb had a history of indigenous use. It is an average-sized tree that grows only up to 20 meters high, and 30-60 centimeters in trunk diameter. It has small white or light yellow flowers and oval leaves that are 6-12 centimeters long. Guasima herb also produces fruits that are edible. It is covered in rough barbs and has a strong scent of honey. This herb is often found in the Amazon forests. This herb was used as a cure for asthma, uterine pain, and hemorrhages by the Mixe Indians. The Huastec Mayans on the other hand used it’s fresh bark which boiled in water to cure dysentery, wounds, gastrointestinal pain, and fevers. This plant also helped to treat leprosy, baldness, dermatosis, diarrhea, kidney problems, and bronchitis by the indigenous people in the Amazon.

This plant is also rich in tannins and proanthocyandins, which is an anti-oxidant chemical. Its bark contains kaurenoic acid which in several years have been have been documented to have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Though its leaves contain caffeine, none has been found in its bark. Guasima Herb’s main chemicals consist of catechins, farnesol, caryophyllene, akurenoic acid, sitosterol, percocene I, and procyanidin B-2, B-5, and C-1.

Currently, this herb is practically used as a natural therapy among South and Central American health practitioners; as well as the indigenous people in the Amazon. Although it is used differently in many countries worldwide, it is commonly and mainly used for hair loss, stomach pains, inflammations, and digestive aid, dysentery, and diarrhea. Guasima herb is also used as skin wound, rashes, fungal infections, dermatitis, and leprosy treatment; bacterial and viral infections, and as an astringent to impede bleeding.

This herb is not useful only for human diseases; it also has contributed help for animals’ various health condition. There have been many studies that have proven this herb to be of great help for animal dilemmas. This plant was said to lower animal’s blood pressure, and vitro studies specified that it could restrain angiotensin II. Indeed, this plant is quite useful for both human and animals. With the correct preparation method this herbal plant will surely cure what it is suppose to cure.

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