Eggshell membrane for arthritis and joint pain

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People who believe in alternative medicine can try eggshell membrane for arthritis and joint pain. This is a common remedy for patients who suffer from arthritis and joint pain that has been transmitted from generation to generation. Today, medical professionals have also tested the calming properties of eggshell in two open-label human clinical studies, thus proving what the elders had already knew: natural ingredients have curing effects.

Patients with tissue disorders, joint pain and inflexibility in the arms and legs are advised to take natural eggshell membrane or NEM. This a dietary supplement that is 100% natural and contains special proteins which are very effective in keeping the connective tissues healthy. Doctors recommend that patients should take NEM supplements of 500 mg once a day until the pain goes away. Usually, the pain will be reduced in 7 says, but, for better results, specialists recommend an on-going treatment of 30 days. More traditional patients can also try the old alternative: they could mix 3 or 4 eggshells with some milk into a blender and drink the composition twice a day.

Eggshell membrane for arthritis and joint pain is especially good for old people who suffer from osteoarthritis, which is the most common form of arthritis. Because of the old age, the bones in the human body lose their flexibility and begin to move uncontrollably while hurting the muscles. Old people are given glucosamine and chondroitin as remedies for the pain, but studies have shown that old patients who also take natural eggshell extract show better results. The pain goes away, while their movements start to improve. Specialists recommend that eggshell supplements should be taken for about 60 days, once a day.

But how does eggshell membrane for arthritis and joint pain actually work? Specialists explained that the eggshell membrane is basically a connective tissue, thus it is very good in keeping the muscle tissue joint together. One of the key ingredients in eggshell is a cartilage that is naturally produced by the human body. The quantity of cartilage produced by the human organism drops with old age, that is why old people are more prone to such illnesses. Eggshell is also made of an amino sugar that is very effective in reducing inflammation and repairing damaged tissue. Usually, this amino acid is produced by the body, but, with old age, the organism loses the ability to produce it. Eggshell is recommended for joint pain and tissue pain because it contains all the ingredients that the body fails to produce once it ages. That is why eggshell membrane for arthritis and joint pain is a really reliable treatment.

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