Black Mica

How Black Mica Benefits Your Overall Health

Black mica or scientifically called as biotite is composed or magnesium, aluminum, oxygen, silicon, iron, and hydrogen. It is flaky and is recognized to provide lots of health benefits for the overall health of a person when consumed in extract form. However, prior to using the black mineral, experts still recommend that you consult your physician for any contraindications.

Black mica, in its natural and original state, contains harmful minerals to the body. Due to this, a Japanese researcher found a way on how humans can consume it and get its health benefits by pulling out other minerals and keeping these minerals in their ionized state. This is where the extract was created and was made available in the market.

How is Black Mica Used?

Basically, this black mineral is used for cleaning and purifying water. Since the extract is free from the harmful minerals, it can be added to drinking water that makes it easy to ingest. When the extract is added to the water, all of the contaminants or toxins from the water will gather together then sit at the container’s bottom. Since the contaminants are already collected, it will no longer mix with the water as you drink it. This process makes any tap water safe to drink. What makes it healthier is that the extract has added minerals to the water, which is then ingested and absorbed by the body.

Different Health Benefits of Black Mica

When consumed regularly, the extract can help in the ridding calcification from breasts, prostate, lungs, and brain. Aside from these, it is also known to help in removing candida or yeast and even in removing plaque from teeth.

Another benefit of the black mineral is that it oxygenates the blood that is useful for regulating blood sugar and blood pressure. It was also noted that regular drinking of water with this mineral could help in passing kidney stones without feeling any pain. In addition, the Japanese researcher who patented the extract is claiming that it can stop symptoms of hair loss and even reverse gray hair.

Possible Side Effects when Using or Taking the Extract Regularly

Though black mica was found to be helpful in improving one’s health, it was noted that the solution is highly acidic and may cause side effects for those with digestive disorders or those with irritable bowel syndrome. To prevent these side effects and be able to get most of the benefits from the use of the extract, it is recommended that another water filtration system must be used. Most experts say that a layer of charcoal filtration should be used to get the most out of its use.

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