Arthritis Research

What type of arthritis research is being undertaken? What are the findings and what hope is there of a cure? There are numerous research projects being undertaken worldwide to aid in finding a cure for arthritis, as well as delving into the potential causes and possible treatments that could one day make life easier for sufferers or even provide a permanent end to their suffering.

Presently, many arthritis sufferers have volunteered for studies and research projects. Some are assisting with finding positive ways to aid arthritis sufferers whilst they work. Others are looking at the development of arthritis management programs for aboriginal people in North America. A pilot study is currently underway to see if giving MRIs early would better help prevent the onset of osteoarthritis due to early diagnosis. Further studies are being taken to further clarify the positive relationship between physical activities and the ability to remain mobile and help reduce and prevent arthritic hip pain. Other research is looking into the health risks, as well as health care needs of those who care for people with scleroderma and lupus.

Grants have been awarded recently to doctors to undertake varied new arthritis research. One such project that will help greatly includes the study of how certain antibodies related to lupus affect the dendrite cells within the body. Another is researching how T cell type responses can be controlled in respect to immunity. In the UK, a recent study produced positive results for the use of yoga exercises in relation to rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, this past month, UK scientists have done substantial research into finding the specific gene that is responsible for causing lupus in some people. They are also starting new research to verify and find out which nutrients and foods really do help treat arthritis. They are looking at the potential of distress of the skin as being a major cause of osteoarthritis.

Arthritis research is happening across the planet, being funded mainly by major foundations and proving that scientists have not given up hope of finding cures, the causes and other factors that lead to the start and ending of the family of arthritis diseases and disorders. Though the research studies have been going for decades, each finding brings experts one step closer to more permanent and hoped for solutions.


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