Arthritis Medication

There are numerous brands of arthritis medication that doctors recommend to relieve arthritic symptoms and prevent arthritic damage. Many have to be prescribed and are tailored to suit the needs of the individual using them. However, none of them should be taken without a prescription and without your doctor’s advice as some may not be suitable if you have other underlying medical problems, conditions or diseases.

Most of the medications your doctor might give you for arthritis are to help with the pain, stiffness and swelling. Pain relieving medications for arthritis are analgesics, specific medications that are sometimes combined with others to make pain more manageable. Some lesser versions of this might be recommended by your doctor to avoid over-medicating and dealing with minor pain, including ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin. Some people might find that acetaminophen and codeine also helps not only with pain that is very bad, but not bad enough for the doctor to prescribe more potent pain killers. It reduces swelling and also gets rid of the pain quickly. However, that particular combination can only be bought over the counter through a pharmacist and if you use it, you must follow the instructions carefully given the codeine content. In fact, if you are to use them, speak to your doctor first as some people cannot stomach or are allergic to codeine.

Alternatively your doctor may prescribe you one of many name brand medications for your arthritis. These might include prescription dose levels of codeine, propoxyphene, oxycodene and others. However, a word of caution about these, including using the over the counter acetaminophen and codeine is that they can be addictive, so only use them according to the instructions given by your doctor and only for as long as your doctor recommends. Be warned that they also may have side effects and you might get drowsy from using them, so you might be inhibited from driving or operating machinery during the time that you use them. These include the following brands:

  • Nuprin

  • Medipren

  • Motrin

  • Advil

  • Aspirin

  • Edorin

  • Darvon

  • Wygesic

  • Darvocel

  • Tylenol with Codeine

  • Tylenol 2

  • Tylenol 3

  • Tylenol 4

  • Empirin 2

  • Empirin 3

  • Empirin 4

  • Aleve

  • Anaprox

  • Naprelan

  • Naprosyn or Naproxen

  • Oruvail

  • Orudis

  • Roxicodone

  • Oxycontin

  • Tylox

  • Roxicet

  • Percocet


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