Arthritis Gloves

Are arthritis gloves just another fad from the imaginations of someone with good intentions? Or, are they really helpful in treating arthritis? Well, these gloves are used as a heat therapy to give temporary pain relief. They have been designed to keep joints warm, offering evenly distributed compression to help reduce the discomfort and pain of arthritis in hands and fingers.

The gloves are made of an outer type of fabric that allows the hand to grip without slipping. The closure can be adjusted for the perfect fit and comfort. Most importantly, the thermoskin within the glove helps to increase the ligaments’, tendons’ and muscles’ elasticity, reducing any risks of injuries when the hand is strained or under duress. The gloves have been proven to assist in the improvement of the surface temperature of the subcutaneous and surface levels of the skin, increasing them by as much as two to three degrees. This allows for the optimum temperatures for the muscles and tendons to become that much more elastic and pliable, providing the top level of muscular function. The lining consists of a series of small and soft type spirals which stimulate your skin, helping to create enough heat for optimum healing to take place. The tiny fibers take moisture away, leaving the skin dry and soft, whilst the knitting type process keeps the air within to let the skin be properly ventilated. It in a sense recreates a micro climate that is ideal for the skin to remain oxygenated and ventilated for many hours of long-term wear.

The arthritis gloves are an innovative and unique product that is making it easier for people with arthritis of the hands and fingers to enjoy simple treatments that are both natural and affordable. Not only do the gloves use science to make enable the healing process of damaged joints, muscles and tendons, but keep the hands from getting stiff, enabling them to enjoy more mobility and flexibility. Best of all, these arthritis gloves can be found through most major arthritic foundation stores and online pharmacists. They are no pricier than a good quality pair of ski gloves, making them one of the most affordable and good value for money products out there for arthritis today.


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