Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation
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Which arthritis foundation is best? Well, each arthritis foundation has its pros and cons, but all in all each one is top in its field, providing support for patients, up to the minute support for medical staff and funding for major world research projects. As such there are numerous ones to go to and checking out their events, getting involved and helping out even if you suffer from arthritis is a healthy way of dealing with the condition, eventually aiding researchers and scientists to find a cure on day.

The following are the major arthritis foundation organizations found online:

  • Advocacy for Arthritis – a major charity that aims to help cure, control and prevent all types of arthritis by providing assistance, events and grants

  • Arthritis Foundation – one of the biggest charities that hosts the annual worldwide Arthritis Walk

  • The Paget Foundation – founded in 1992 with the aim of providing information about Paget’s disease and other types of bones disorders

  • American Behcet’s Disease Association – locates others with the disease, giving them data and support, as well as educating and assisting the medical community with diagnosis efforts, treatments and research
  • Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation – creates positive resources for everyone about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue type of arthritic disorder
  • National Marfan Foundation – non-profit organization that dedicates itself to improving the life quality and saving lives of people with Marfan Syndrome, as well as associated arthritic disorders
  • National Osteoporosis Foundation – provides cutting edge research, information and support for those suffering with osteoarthritis
  • International Scleroderma Network – an international group that offers information about this and other arthritic conditions as well as being in the forefront of grants for scleroderma type research
  • Lyme Disease Foundation – a major organization with international counterparts that dedicates its work to finding answers to disorders related to arthritis that result from ticks
  • National Psoriasis Foundation – operated mainly by patients with this type of arthritic disease, they aim to voice the needs for millions with this and the skin condition by improving the lives of everyone through research, advocacy and education

If you have any of these conditions or arthritis of any sort, these organizations can help and can give you the support you need. They can also put you in touch with other people in your position, as well as top clinics and experts within the field.


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