Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation
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An arthritis foundation is an organization, usually a non-profit charity that helps to provide information and support to people who may or may not have arthritis. It also helps with necessary research and gets experts together to find ways to eventually cure the disease. However, there are many located around the world, some of which have branches located in every town and city across their country.

One of the biggest is located in the United States, where major outlets are found in each state, as well as each major city and town, providing their own self-sufficient fundraising routines to enable local projects in their areas to help those with arthritis and continue the research being done. It gives support to over a hundred varieties of arthritis, as well as related disorders. Began in 1948 AD, the foundation is headquartered in Atlanta, offering multiple types of services throughout the US, Hawaii and Alaska. It offers special grants for research, as well as pushing for legislation and government programs to enable a better quality of life for those with arthritis and related disorders.

Many people volunteer to help with the foundations, becoming members, making donations or leaving behind money from their estates in their wills. As contributors, people help support the cutting-edge research, as well a scientifically backed programs that are there to assist people with their daily needs. Sometimes people merely attend major foundation fundraisers, running, enjoying breakfasts, attending seminars, dancing at galas or participating in one of thousands of signature type events globally. This method of raising arthritis awareness publically is what makes these foundations strong.

The arthritis foundation is a key participant in the fight for a cure and support of those struggling with varied diseases and disorders related to arthritis across the world. By the continued support and involvement of millions of caring individuals and companies, the means by which people can deal with this broad spectrum of diseases and disorders is improving dramatically as time goes by. More and more people are getting arthritis and related disorders and many more are finding themselves diagnosed with immune system and other related disorders. The foundation is a pivotal base which helps them all, something they cannot do without.


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