Arthritis Diet

There is an arthritis diet available that will help you gain back some strength and keep the symptoms from getting worse too quickly, though there is no guarantee that it will be in your best interests to undertake it. Your first step is to speak to your rheumatologist and go over the details of the diet to see if it will help you. You doctor may refer you to a professional dietician who can advise you on what to eat and what not to eat.

The arthritis diet generally includes foods that are high in micronutrients, avoiding anything that is not gluten-free and may even mean that you have to turn to a vegetarian diet. Depending on what your dietician recommends, your sole purpose of your diet is to keep your weight at a healthy level and feed your body healthy nutrients to help it fight off the affects of the arthritis. It helps also to supplement your skeletal system and your immune system.

Some of the main foods in the arthritis diet include green tea, salmon, cheese, bananas and others. You may have to avid tomatoes, peppers and potatoes, as well as too much salt, chocolate, red meats, preservatives, colourants, sugar, caffeine and dairy products. If you have to undergo the stricter form of the diet, your dietician will give you a strict regime to follow so you remain healthy and do not become malnourished.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to the arthritis diet. On the positive side, the diet is filled with healthy minerals, vitamins and other vital body building nutrients. On the negative side, the diet may not work for you as well as it does for other people. If you are not able to stick to any diet then using this diet may be very difficult for you.

The arthritis diet has been around for decades, helping many people who suffer from varied forms of arthritis and varied related disorders. However, it is not fool proof and some people simply cannot do the diet because of special medical issues or allergies. For those who try it, some people will find it to be highly successful and others, due to their chemistry, will find it will not work at all. Remember, this diet is not a replacement for treatments given to you by your doctor. It is only to be used if your doctor approves and only as a supplement to the treatments that your doctor already has you using.


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