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Though there are no formal arthritis cures, there are suggestions and remedies that your doctor and those with arthritis may recommend to help with your pain. These may include supplements, exercise activities, herbs and even medications that should be avoided.

More often than not, most people and doctors recommend a variety of things to help with your arthritic pains. Some things include lowering your life’s stress levels, yoga, massage therapies, avoiding very strong types of pain killers, eating only things that are healthy and avoiding junk foods, taking additional vitamin C, keeping mobile, avoiding most vegetable oils and eating olive oil and deep breathing. However, the most helpful means of dealing with the pain is what you eat. Though it may not work for everyone, it has been shown to have some influence in helping the body to heal. Such foods include:

  • Halibut, sardines, salmon and cod liver oil – omega-3 (under doctor’s supervision regarding medication you might be on as excessive amounts can cause bleeding and problems with blood clotting)
  • Vitamin D – bone builder

  • Vitamin A – anti-inflammatory

  • Fresh yellow and green vegetables

  • Beta carotene – helps with cell damage reduction

  • Grapefruit

  • Legumes, whole wheat, milk, wheat germ and oysters

  • Zinc – helps with boosting the immune system

  • Ginger

  • Hot peppers

  • Capsaicin – helps with inflammation reduction and pain

Eating these can help, but eat in moderation and as per your doctors instructions. Try to keep your weight down as the excess weight can put pressure on your joints and bones which only adds to the pain. You can eat many good foods, but you have to be careful about eating foods that are related to nightshade, such as peppers, potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes. Sometimes arthritis can be an allergic reaction to these, but the only way to know is to have formal testing done by an allergy specialist, something that you should suggest to your doctor as part of your treatment.

If anyone tells you that there are arthritic cures, be cautious. At present there are no known medical cures for it, but what they may be referring to instead is that some foods and other things might help relieve the pain and other symptoms of the disorder. Something that relieves it is not a cure, so speak to your doctor first before accepting anything as being a cure. Most importantly, if you suspect that you have arthritis, do not self-treat before getting a diagnosis to be sure that you really have it and not something else.


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