Arthritis Cream

Arthritis cream is usually put on the skin in the areas around your joints. Many of these creams can be bought over the counter without a prescription and offer an effective, soothing and relieving means of dealing with muscle pains and low levels of arthritic pain. In fact, many contain menthol, capsaicin and salicylate, effective ingredients for treating arthritis.

There are seven major arthritis cream products that you should make yourself aware of. However, not all of them are guaranteed to relieve your pain, especially if your pain is severe enough to require pain killers. They can at least reduce any swelling which will aid in preventing some of the pain that you feel.

Top creams for arthritis that you can buy without a prescription include the following products:

  • Zostrix – reduces substance P levels, a substance known to quickly transmit pain to your brain, but when you apply this cream to your skin on and around the joint, it can reduce that pain substantially, but only for mild arthritic pain

  • Bengay Arthritis – provides only temporary type relief for your muscles and joints when you experience minor pains, but nonetheless is a tried and tested product that has been around for many years

  • Aspercreme – provides only temporary pain relief for muscle sprains/strains, backaches and arthritis on a low level

  • Icy Hot – a two-fold formula that adds ice to kill the pain on contact with the skin and hotness to get deep inside and relax muscles and joints, lasting for a considerable amount of time for minor joint, muscle, back and other pains, mimicking the hot and cold treatments recommended by many doctors

  • Sportscreme – provides a temporary, but fast means of relieving stiff, strained or sore muscles and painful joints

  • Tiger Balm – an ancient Chinese remedy that works so well when used for minor joint pains, muscular aches and even migraine headaches, but is best applied to the skin and left on the surface to soak in, having a little cold water added on top and then exposing the painful area with the balm to a very cold environment which helps the balm to start working rapidly

  • Mineral Ice – provides temporary and quick relief of joint, muscles and other minor pains with a cool and greaseless type of gel that penetrates deep with the joint and muscles


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