Arthri-d has been listed by most pharmacist and online drug stores sites as being a general type of health supplement, and something that can assist in joint pain management. The company website focuses on the products benefits, mainly in relation to what it can do for arthritis sufferers. There is even a wonderful video to watch, making claims that the product can relieve pain in fibromyalgia, gout and arthritis. It is a very well orchestrated site, easy to use and very professional. An FAQ, joint health type tips and customer testimonials make it appear like the perfect solution to arthritic pain. However, the product is falling short in one area, something that customers are hoping to see because they have hunted everywhere for a good product and tried almost everything out there on the market, the area of clinical type trial back up. This is especially concerning for some arthritis sufferers as the site claims that this product has top-rated ingredients. How can that be?

Regardless of whether or not you are desperate enough to take a chance on a product that has not yet been tested is up to you, but its sales technique definitely is a winner with the claim about superior types of ingredients being its sole reason for such high prices. Interestingly, the product has to come directly from the company that manufactures it, only available it seems by calling in the order. The website even fails to give the visible price of the arthri-d supplement, though a thirty to ninety day guarantee for a refund is posted for those who purchase it.

When you get the product, the label goes into each ingredient in fine detail. It uses a blend of hyaluronic acid, boswellia, glucosamine, chondroitin and turmer. It also includes vitamins D3 and C, as well as magnesium. Take twice a day, two capsules each time, it claims.

The bottom line is that arthri-d should work because the ingredients contained within it are natural ingredients that have been proven to by studies to help in dealing with the inflammation and pain of arthritis and related disorders. There is no doubt that the product’s website is being honest about the effectiveness of the ingredients and the 100% money back guarantee and natural claims are 100% true. Unfortunately, because the cost is not provided visibly, the amounts of each ingredient used in combination with the others has not been formally tested and orders are required by phone, many people are still finding concerns. So, the product sounds great, but the price not being posted makes it hard to determine if you are getting good quality for your money. Regardless, your final decision should be a joint one, made with the advice of your doctor first and foremost.


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