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Inflammation is a major cause of discomfort for people engaged in regular fitness activities, including athletes and sportsmen. It can also bring endless pain to the lives of patients suffering from certain chronic diseases. In other cases, inflammation can arise as side effects of treatments like radiotherapy and injections. Fortunately, medical science has discovered several effective solutions for many of these inflammatory problems. One famous drug is Anatabloc, which has been around in the US for about 2 years. While bringing relief to thousands suffering from painful inflammation, it has also been proved to be a safe medication with minimal side effects.

Anatabine is the main active ingredient in Anatabloc and similar anti-inflammatory products like CigRx. In fact, it is a natural alkaloid found in various plants in the Solanaceae family, including eggplant, green tomatoes, pepper and potatoes. Anatabine can induce a natural process leading to a healthy inflammatory response in the body. In addition, Anatabloc contains mannitol and vitamins A and D3 for enhanced functionality. Both CigRx and Anatabloc contain sucralose as an artificial sweetener, in addition to natural and artificial flavors like wintergreen and mint.

Since anatabine-based drugs like Anatabloc induce natural bodily responses, they are significantly safer than most of the artificial anti-inflammatory agents. Researches have confirmed this fact, as only about one in each thousand patients using Anatabloc has reported experiences of adverse effects. Gastrointestinal issues are the most common form of side effects, but this too is believed to be due to the mint flavoring or the presence of mannitol. Heartburn, burping and gas were commonly observed in patients who had suffered from esophageal reflux, ulcer and chronic indigestion in the past. Gas and bloating were reported in cases of mannitol intolerance, similar to problems with some diabetic gums and candies.

Some neurological side effects like headaches, vertigo and insomnia were also reported in some cases. This constitutes nearly one-fifth of the entire set of adverse events. Nevertheless, such problems were often due to overdoses and rapid consumption of the drug. They can easily be avoided by introducing the drug gradually. Hypersensitivity through rashes, throat tightening and urticaria have arisen in a limited number of occasions, while rare cases of unusual metabolic events like elevated liver function and weight loss were also observed. Nevertheless, benefits of Anatabloc easily overweigh such risks and can be recommended as a safe drug in general.

Anatabloc is designed as a dietary supplement, in the form of tablets or lozenges in convenient dispenser packs. Although manufacturers claim that the drug doesn’t require a prescription in general, patients taking other medications and supplements and those suffering from allergies towards flavors should seek medical advice before starting to take Anatabloc. Close medical attention can be helpful in avoiding uncomfortable side effects during the initial days of treatment. Three daily intakes of two tablets each are known to bring about best results. With adequate rest and sufficient intake of water, Anatabloc will certainly help you get rid of inflammatory pain without any adverse side effects.

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4 thoughts on “Anatabloc Side Effects

  1. I am taking pills for high blood pressure and water pill. Will this Anatabloc interfere with any other pill. I have had JRA since age two and am now65 and the inflammation is horrible as I age. Is it safe to be taking this as my doctor says there is nothing she can give me for my now named Stills. Please let me know anything.

  2. I’ve been taking Anatabloc since it’s release. All I can say is it is the only nutraceutical that has made a material difference in how body feels. The arthritis in my hips and hands simply disappeared after about 2 months. My BPH took about a year but all of those symptoms ( if you suffer from it you know what they are) are gone too. At 57, that is incredible to me.
    Anatabine citrate it turns out has been in our diet for a millennia in the form of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and even the tobacco leaf. Only in small amounts however and in fact you would have to eat a small mountain of tomatoes to get the 1mg that is in Anatabloc. I find zero drug interaction issues and if you think about it, you never hear a doctor or pharmacist say lay off the tomatoes while taking this or that drug.
    I swaer by the stuff.

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