Romance Tips for Your Marriage

It has been said that the tendency of fire is to go out. This statement is very true when it comes to endeavoring to keep the romantic fire in a marriage ablaze. Some of the things that can act like a wet blanket on the flame of romance are the daily grind of life, raising children, dealing with relatives, and managing jobs.

In order to keep the romance alive in a marriage, both partners must work at it. It does not come easy. Therefore, some romance tips for keeping the flame alive in your marriage could include going on dates every week, setting aside time for each other, and flirting with your marriage partner.


Of all the romance tips that are offered by well-meaning individuals, probably the most effective and important one is to make sure that you go on dates together regularly. This does not have to include an expensive night on the town – in fact; you don’t necessarily need to spend any of your hard earned income.

A date is simply a time that is set aside for you and your spouse to be alone with each other. This date can be a simple walk in the park or a romantic night away from the family. In either case, the important goal of the date is to focus on each other, value each other and continue the process of getting to know each other.

Romance tips for a positive date night are to avoid talking about work, relatives or any other subjects besides each other. This is your time to focus and concentrate on the two of you, and you will find your relationship strengthened as a result of the experience. If you work at your relationship and make it strong, then the family and all other aspects of your marital life will be strengthened as well.

Making The Other Person Feel Special

Each of us wants to feel special, loved and appreciated and no one want to be taken for granted. Therefore, romance tips include taking the time to express your gratitude for your husband or wife and show appreciation to that person whenever the opportunity arises.

This gratitude can be expressed by writing a love note, serving your spouse breakfast in bed, taking on their normal household chores for a week, giving a homemade coupon book for little extras (backrub, foot massage, etc.) or other special acts of appreciation.


Probably one of the most appreciated and exciting out of all the romance tips offered is the idea of continuing a flirtation with each other. These fun and sometimes exciting flirtations could be a simple wink or smile that has a hidden meaning. In addition, flirtations could involve what clothing is being worn and what clothing is not worn.

Keeping the flame burning for each other requires continuous effort to nurture your relationship. Fortunately, there are many good romance tips that can help you along in this process.

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